Finding Nothingness

I must say, I love these United States of America. And after a quick trip home to show everyone I was alive and sane, my love was fortified tenfold.


However, I’m sad to say that I discovered a few red, white, and terribly blue faces that challenged our beautiful, deadly, and inspiring American Dream. Faces that shown heavy wrinkles, revealing tornados of over consumption and black holes of debt. These observations were usually taken from bar seats around Houston, Atlanta, and Los Angeles – over the bar, where we share our fears of nothingness.


I later realized that staring at us all in the face was the banner of courage in different fabrics. Sometimes, one needs courage just to keep alive, others, courage to for the sake of peacocking their feathers and saying “hey look, I’ve got courage!”


I had the courage to leave my family, friends and US addictions behind to travel the world. To Discover my own American Dream.


Which form of the thing have we all been pursuing? Or are we all cowards?

Finding Nothingness


Seems like we’re all in pursuit of somethingness, and are either lead to discover that on our own will or by circumstances which lead us to it. Some never have either chance to start their discovery, and are therefore stuck in a loneliness that feels like nothingness due to its monotony and self destructive qualities. Those unfortunates stay in their SmallorBig sized homes, drive their OldOrNew modeled cars, cook their FattyPerservativeFilledFoods or HealthyWholeFoodFoods.

They WorkorDontWork in their LuxuriousAndChaotic or SoulKillingFormof Labor and they never try to seek somethingness.


Others will, unfortunately have the gumption to leave their nothingness in pursuit of the somethingness that waits ahead…

These people will never reach their somethingness because they always want more of something… something more, something better. They want to exchange their green something for something blue and with some different features.

Every time these people get to something, they will feel unfulfilled still, and will consequently want more of some different kind of thing.


The rest will know that they have always had something special, listen to it, and begin their AlwaysForwardSometimesBackwards journey to living in the sweet spot of somethingness. And grow exponentially in it.


*Artwork by Argentine Artist, Antonio Berni.


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