Mongoose versus Cobra strives to champion the most artfully and passionately made beer and spirits.

Mongoose is a sure-footed, crafty creature. Cobra is a dirty bastard who wanders the Earth without legs or feet. Cobra has no natural predators save Man… and Mongoose.  Mongoose prevails in the fight with Cobra. Every time. Mongoose is swift, agile, and cunning, and he is unrelenting in his diurnal fight against the poisonous Cobra. He is passionate in his quest for perfection. He disregards limitations. A good small-beer brewer is also cunning, and he never stops working on his beers. In his quest to become better and better as a brewer, he trains his focus on quality over quantity.

At Mongoose versus Cobra, the fight between these two animals is highlighted and embraced.

Every time we serve a fine beer, we chalk a win up to the Mongoose, and the Cobra ledgers another tragically-skunked, watered-down, poisonous loss.

Our beers are uniquely selected based on their particular merits, our draught system was hand-built to serve them best, and our spirits are served with as little interference as possible. We mix a small, rotating selection of cocktails, but we focus on recipes grounded in pure distilled spirits and high quality craft.  So…

…make this a clean fight. Protect yourself at all times. No hitting below the belt line.