Mongoose is Rock; Cobra is Scissors

Dear Charles,

We wanted to send you a note from here inside your safe quarters; this is your well-fortified former grocery.  It is the home of the big door, and it is the home of the even bigger fridge.   It is the home of over two hundred liquors, approximately one hundred draught, bottled, and cask-conditioned beers, and it is the home of one baboon named Charles.  That’s right.  We named him after you.

For those of you keeping score: the contents of your bottles, cocktail glasses, and imperial pints represent approximately twenty states in the Union over two dozen countries on four continents around the world.   In the coming months, we will strive to increase those numbers in a few different ways.  Corey has been diligently sipping new beers, and Mike and Theo have been carefully curating our liquor lists.

Andy, our beloved British Skipper who comes to his nickname by way of direct heritage from Lord Admiral Nelson, has initiated a Tuesday-night program of cocktails from around the world.  This month features French cocktails, including three different versions of the French 75, with creative new names that will surprise you when you see them.

A new initiative to combine our two favorite things, i.e. liquor and beer, will be introduced on Monday night, when Moonshine Mike and Half-Asleep Hall will be experimenting with beer-based cocktail recipes, some created by mixologists from around the world and some created in-house according to our demanding specifications and your own.

Live music is now available to you on Sunday and Monday nights.  Literary events and classic films are to follow in the next few months.  But in the meantime, Charles, just keep doing what you do best.  Keep keeping us busy.  Keep Shafer awake.  Keep your head up and diligently watch for the fangs of certain gaudily-decorated poisonous snakes.  Keep our quarters safe, that we may all continue to be that which we are.


Yours in the bond,



PS: Who was dreaming when the Roy Orbison came to us in our dream?  There is only one answer.  It was you Charles, and it was me.  Charles.

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