Prelude to Paradise

IMG_1973I left The States and did what any intelligent person would do. I went directly into the jungle. Not the concrete-jungle in Buenos Aires, rather, the actual trees and spiders, and creatures and heat, and nature for miles and miles miles oh-my! jungle in the North of Argentina.

Oberá Misiones, to be exact.

I went in a city girl, and although I’d like to say I came out a warrior, I actually came out a city girl with her tail between her legs. A lot more appreciative of Mother Nature, and thankful to be alive and in close proximity to a taxi.

My extended time there started off as a rocky transition into life with no modernisms – bathing in the river, building fires to cook, strategically sleeping next to cats to attack nightcrawling spiders the size of linebackers’s hand and covered in fluffy brown fur. Good God.

Nevertheless, I found something beautiful. A piece of myself lost and found in the labyrinth of wildlife. I found treasure, in fact.

I tried to capture that gold with a few poems. 


The first:


Wildlife everywhere

And life continues to come

Leaving tiny little honey-filled lessons at the door

The morning brings a pulsating day of mystery

And in these jungles, inspiration sprouts and spreads like a wildfire, and makes beautiful creatures out of us.

There’s a sensation of rain to come.

This deep in, the pause before the rain is overwhelming.

My breath turns deeper because of it.

The moment before the sky opens up and shares a piece of what’s in store is a beautiful belly-filling feeling.

We all want answers now, and not a moment later.

The insides of these jungles teaches us to



And that we already know.


The second:

Morning Breath

Below my feet lay misunderstood riches.

I balance myself on a world of mysteries, feeling all of the answers to our never-ending questions absorb and massage themselves into my feet.

My eyes are open to it, yet I still question the morning dirt of what’s to come.

All the while, the loud green day unfolds itself into me, right into my toes.

I feel welcomed today,

Encouraged to take that melting pot of answers below my now tingling toes and ignite a flame.

My hopes and freedoms enter my lungs and shower every inch of my skin with a smiling sensation.

My fears and confusions are encouraged to leave as I exhale deeply, returning those questions to the earth for another to contemplate.

FullSizeRender (3)

The 50th:



The green is the most alarming part,

I am surrounded by green hues and feel a bit naïve at times, others not so much.

The greenness envelops almost everything in sight,

Making us all second guess our very existence.

Looking for answers that lay buried in their roots.

Every now and then a blue or a white will come into view…

When it does, its presence is strong.

More noticeable against its green-screen backdrop – the white butterfly emerges and reminds us to breathe, the blue flower sways in the breeze, reminding us to dance.

And I am reminded of a time a lifetime ago, when I might’ve been a different shade of green amongst the greenery.

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