MVSC’s Foreign Corespondent – a year in Argentina

MsdMaryella Shelton-Dyson broadcast her special brands of passion, fun, and creativity here at the Mongoose over the last year.  Now she is visiting the Land of Good Breezes, and as Mongoose Versus Cobra’s first International Literary Correspondent, she will be regularly updating us on her experiences both inside bars and outside in the World.  Travel on, Maryella; your Safe Quarters wait for your return!

About her: Maryella Dyson describes herself as a free spirit, eager to travel the world with paper and pen in hand. She is a creative soul with a passion for influencing the masses with words on a page, through the arts, and through all avenues of creative expression. Maryella writes poetry, character sketches, plays, short stories, children’s stories and never ending to-do lists. Born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Jonesboro, Georgia, Maryella put her creative wits to the test by obtaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre, with a Concentration in Writing, and a Minor in Spanish, from The University of Georgia. She moved back to her native homeland of California after graduating in 2010, and worked as a an actor while simultaneously developing and pitching her scripts in Los Angeles. She also worked as creative consultant and executive assistant to one of Hollywood’s most ambitious executive producers. While there, she gained expertise in developing research, creating unique writing content, editing, and developing manuscripts. She was also responsible for drafting outlines and conceptualizing stage production for various projects.

Her most treasured works include her original one woman show, Blue Skies, performed to three sold out audiences on Theatre Row in Los Angeles, California and in Athens, Georgia; Minnie Monkey in Bonkersville, a children’s interactive book series that combines written text and visual web scenes targeting 2-8 year olds, to be released this year; and her collection of short stories and poems to be released in 2014.

Maryella has lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in Valencia, Spain in an effort to become bilingual, to study different cultures, and to expand her global awareness. During her past travels, she served as Arts and Culture Analyst at Elkafka Teatro in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she researched literary material, organized and transcribed catalogues, and evaluated students and instructors in an institutionalized performance environment. She was also an active member and volunteer teacher for a prestigious linguistic and multicultural exchange program in Spain.

Maryella lived in Houston for a spell after Los Angeles, and fell in love with Texas! She is now living in Argentina, and will write for Mongoose Versus Cobra´s Blog as she settles into her new life as an American Emigrant. She hopes to find the hidden treasures of this unfamiliar country while discovering the similarities of her former lover, Texas. Some of her favorite writers include Oscar Wilde, Woody Allen, Eugène Ionesco, Aaron Sorkin and William Shakespeare.

Some of her private works can be accessed at:

News from the Mongoose Den vol. xxxvi

“Page 122 ripped out, rolled up in a pinch, a canoe full of burning grass…the smoke said… who falls…all of one mind…black dishwater of love…sunken spoon. Much of the ink is smeared like a slapped mosquito on the collar bone of a beautiful woman. The book is chained to a dresser in a Motel 6 in South Carolina. Its author has gone into hiding.”

But here comes Sampson Starkweather out of hiding, with unapologetic cohorts Ana Bozičević and Dan Magers. They have been on the run for decades now, dodging court-martials and gambling debts while publishing their own peculiar brands of poetry for above-ground fans young and old. Join us on August 12th at 8PM, when they will invoke international law to avoid extradition in our safe quarters beneath the ivy for one night of strange incantations.

Some of you may be asking “who the hell are these people?”

Well… Sampson Starkweather was born in Pittsboro, NC. He is the author of The First Four Books of Sampson Starkweather and 5 chapbooks from dangerous small presses. He is a founding editor of Birds, LLC and works for The Center for the Humanities at The Graduate Center, CUNY where he helps run the Annual Chapbook Festival and Lost & Found: The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative. He lives in Brooklyn, NY. Dan Magers’s first book of poems, Partyknife, is published by Birds, LLC. He is co-founder and co-editor of Sink Review, an online poetry journal, founder and editor of Immaculate Disciples Press, a handmade chapbook press focused on poetry and visual arts collaborations. He lives in Brooklyn. Twitter: @Partyknife.

Ana Bozičević is the author of poetry books Stars of the Night Commute (Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2009) and Rise in the Fall (Birds LLC, 2012), translator, and new media artist. She studies English at The Graduate Center, CUNY, where her research is in poetics, medievalism and psychoanalysis. More at

And every Monday night still features the Sammons and Hall “Oh My God Did I Wake Up In 1995” Cocktail Party. Whence you will be asking yourself “just what did he put in that gin fizz?”

Watch out this Tuesday for Imperial Andy’s historic exploration of international football a/k/a soccer. Also look for the Sunday return of Jason “That 70s Guy” Parker. Like being in the backseat of a station wagon that runs both gasoline and love.

Also ask your bartender about nightly specials and Midtown parking secrets.

Yours in the Bond,